Maggie Wolff

Data Scientist focused on Product Analytics in the Travel Tech industry.

About Me

Naturally curious and observant. Thrives on new challenges and never stops seeking out learning opportunities and sharing knowledge.

I enjoy solving problems with data, whether that is a personal problem, like creating my own recommender model to figure out what to wear when running through another chilly Chicago winter, or on the job, using data to create better user experiences.

My current work typically includes advanced analysis, A/B (hypothesis) testing, predictive modeling, and defining new metrics. I also enjoy mentoring and knowledge sharing with colleagues and others in the industry.

I pivoted to analytics in 2016, after working in marketing and communication roles (which included some data analysis) for a decade. I’ve always loved math and logic, and I draw on my previous experience when communicating the complex messages I find in data.

Currently working in the travel tech industry analyzing user experiences for a corporate travel booking platform. Holds an MS in Data Science. Ambassador for Women in Data Science (WiDS). Also oversees a mentorship program via Data Angels, a Slack community for women in data.

Feel free to connect with or contact me via LinkedIn.